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The Latest Advertising Trend Thanks to Podcast One

Advertising via radio is in today’s society mostly viewed as a reasonable standard. However, until recently barely any studies have been done analyzing the effect radio and TV advertising has on sales numbers. In 2016, two companies – Edison Research and Podcast One, participated in a partnership to conduct a study on how radio advertising affects the number of sales as well as the awareness of brands and their campaigns.

On behalf of Edison research, the expert, and Vice president of strategy Mr. Tom Webster conducted the studies. Edison Research has been working in the business for about a decade. The company does research in audio. Over the years it has been partnering up with a vast number of businesses including some large international brands.

Mr. Tom Webster was working with five brands over the course of six weeks. After a few months and two primary stages of research, the study had some highly encouraging results which have transformed the advertising industry in some aspects. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

First of all, it is worth mentioning that this research revolutionized a significant part of advertisement as we know it. Podcast One was established by Mr. Norman Pattiz over ten years ago. He has established a few other radio programs that have also grown substantially over the years. Crunchbase believes that Mr. Norman Pattiz had established as an expert in the industry of live broadcasting.

Over the course of the research, the listeners of the radio heard the campaigns of all five of the participating national brands. The campaigns were broadcasted twice – once before the podcast show and a second time during a brief pause. The interval of broadcasting helped listeners remember the campaigns of each individual company.

After the advertising stage was complete, Podcast One and Mr. Tom Webster conducted a poll among the listeners of the podcasts. The campaign awareness of the audience has jumped significantly. The average increase of awareness was 30 % and the highest individual result was 76 %. The national brands had done very well and the research was concluded as a successful one.

Up to date, podcast advertising has become extremely common. This research was complete only a year ago and the results were announced halfway in 2016. The marketing industry moves quickly. Podcast advertising will become one of the most preferred methods according to experts. Podcast One has millions of listeners across the United States of America and so it has a wide reach of people.

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