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Omar Boraie Pays Big to Further Progress in Genomic Science

Genomic science is an integral yet still growing and at times, a vastly mysterious section of scientific study, Omar Boraie is doing what he can to solve the case. In a report by Bloomberg, New Brunswick developer Omar Boaraie contributed an astounding pledge of $1.5 million to Rutgers University to establish what is now known as the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science at Rutgers Cancer Institute located in New Jersey. Chairs such as this are among the elite rankings of higher learning; these prestigious chairs are endowed and convey the university’s dedication to explore and continue the progression of the endowed chair’s mission at the highest levels of academia. This donation by Omar Boraie is part of Rutgers University’s campaign to find an unnamed benefactor to give a match of $1.5 million to each of Rutgers 18 new chairs, this campaign is aptly named the ’18 Chair Challenge.’ If their goal is met that will mean that each chair now has $3 million devoted to it’s study and research advances.

While this donation by Sam Boraie may seem over the top, so too does what the field of genomic science and precision medicine is achieving. These fields are changing how cancer is looked at and approached in a clinical setting by medical professionals. This ultimately means new methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Though new, it looks to a genetic level in the treatment of tumors. This offers oncologists the liberty to personalize treatments and achieve more positive results. Even former President Barack Obama has taken notice. In his State of the Union Address, Obama made the announcement that a national Precision Medicine Initiative was being launched to aid in attempting to cure cancer and a plethora of other still incurable diseases.

While several centers are working on this new focus of genomic science, Rutgers Cancer Institute has always been at the forefront. They were one of the first to be established and are the only one in the state to apply these techniques to patient care. This genomic sequencing is especially vital to those suffering from rare cancers, who have poor prognosis, or who have not responded as hoped to other treatment.

NewsWise, who published this article (, also includes words from Rutgers Cancer Institute Director Robert S. DiPaola, MD that Boraie has always been a part of their growth and that his chair will have lasting impacts on the fight against cancer.