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Malcolm CasSelle Explains the Influence of Gaming Industry to CryptoCurrency

Malcolm CasSelle leads OPSkins into becoming the worldwide seller of in-game virtual properties. Additionally, Malcolm CasSelle pioneers OPSkins’ operations transforming the organization into the greatest bitcoin merchant in the globe. Besides attaining tremendous success, Malcolm intends to manage the company aiming to achieve further achievements. As such, OPSkins’ creators are currently launching the latest blockchain platform popular as Worldwide Asset eXchange that will facilitate the trading of virtual assets.

Malcolm postulates that the invented blockchain platform will enhance efficiency in the industry through permitting sellers and buyers to trade effectively. OPSkins’ will achieve this via the utilization of WAX. WAX will do away with fraud and disintegration. In CasSelle’s opinion, the WAX program will allow the users to tokenize gaming properties; therefore, they can buy and sell assets instantly from other players without necessarily clicking off the screens.

Malcolm CasSelle’s ability to manage WAX, as well as, OPSkins stems from his previous experience. Before joining OPSkins, Malcolm served at tronc as the enterprise’s President. At tronc, Malcolm CasSelle pioneered the activities of the organization overseeing its operations that led to the tremendous growth of assets. Additionally, Malcolm attained professional exposure from SeaChange Int’l serving as the Chief Executive Officer. SeaChange Int’l offers discovery, displaying and measuring social signaling solutions to corporations. Besides working with sophisticated and famous organizations,

Malcolm CasSelle has played vital roles in leading startups within the digital sector. Startup agencies that Malcolm has influenced include MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon among others.

Malcolm CasSelle attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Stanford where he attained his computer science degree. In addition to his education, Malcolm is a gifted communicator. Mr. CasSelle communicates in both Mandarin and Japanese. Moreover, he possesses an exceptionally high IQ displayed in his operations at Sensay and WAX.

Malcolm contributed to the development of WAX tokens, which allow the users to exchange their virtual properties for the cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle postulates that the company’s partners share similar missions to that of WAX. Malcolm states that the enterprise’s partners work towards ensuring that the users benefit proportionally as per their contributions. Malcolm CasSelle is a unique leader who values customer satisfaction.