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Reasons You Could Benefit From Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a company that opens the door for ordinary people to sell quality wine from their brand and make a profit for every bottle sold. This business idea has provided many people from across the nation the chance to make side income that is forever changing their lives and providing a new way to make money.

Traveling Vineyard gives 35 percent of the sales to the wine guides themselves. Here’s just a few of the reasons why becoming a wine guide could be beneficial for you:

The main reason you should sell their wine is that it can be a flexible opportunity for you. You could be working five days a week and spend one day of the weekend on hosting a party and earning an extra $100 bucks for the night if you’re having a good night. You could easily do this even when you’re talking to other people at work or at the grocery store. You never know who you are speaking to. Just a general conversation could turn into you selling a bottle or two to the people you have spoken with. This is a very flexible job opportunity.

You also learn valuable life skills in the world of psychology and people. You discover a lot about what people buy, how people buy, and the way that people buy things in this world. You may not realize it but direct sales is all a mind game and knowing how to trigger people’s thoughts on purchasing something. Just a few key elements can open the door for you. Through trial and error, you learn a lot about the world of selling.

Friendships are a huge thing for the Traveling Vineyard. Expect to make great friends in the world of wine guides. There are several events that are held every year for the wine guides to learn from one another and make friends. Expect to have a new set of friends from across the nation. Traveling Vineyard can open doors for you that you never thought could ever happen. This business is going to help you make money and learn.

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Traveling Vineyard – The Brilliance Of Wine

Traveling vineyard company started back in 2001 in America. Their main aim back then was to make wine less stuffy which they have achieved today. The company has different types of wine in three different categories which include: Red, white, and fizzy and sweet. They also sell addition stuffs such as decanters and chillers. Their wines have a high customer rating.

There are different ways which you can join the traveling vineyard business model. First you can join the wine guide package for 174 dollars which include a success kit and tasting sets. The success kit comes with everything you need like decanter, bags and brochures. As a new wine guide you can earn an electric opener by getting 750 dollars sales within sixty days.

Wine guides get commission based on their monthly sales volume. Their commissions range between 15-35 percentage of their total sales. Payments are done three times a month. The basic ways which you can earn with traveling yard include online sales, home tasting events, monthly wine club sales and building team. Workers are also entitled to many of the benefits of working with traveling vineyard is that they highly ethical in observing business laws. Read More Here.

As you work with the company there is no pressure to work since you can work as little as you want since there is no monthly sales quota. It requires little money to get in their business. Due to the high wine consumption rate you can be always assured to get customers and make money easily. Finally the biggest milestone for traveling vineyard is their good relation with wine consumers through social media. They have placed their products benefits and also their company goals to their social media platforms hence making more people understand and love their services.

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