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Sahm Adrangi on Exposing Ad Fraud

Ad fraud has become so rampant in the recent years but the good news is that many people have opened their eyes to these kind of fraud and activist are not getting tired of calling out these fraudsters either. One stern short activist, Sahm Adrangi , early this year had an amazing presentation on the same at the Kase Learning during a conference on short selling.

So how does ad fraud occur? Sam explains that hackers manipulate computers to click on your ad displays to create a substantial amount of clicks, impressions, and conversations instead of having actual humans who are the targeted customers click on your ads. This means that there is no actual ROI for a company investing in online ads. According to Sahm Adrangi,the more the ad frauds occur the less the advertising buyers are going to spend on online ads thus missing out on revenue from legitimate publishers.

So what is making it slow for all the interested parties to act? Sahm believes that all these parties that are supposed to be fighting against ad fraud do benefit and that is why they are slow. The ad agencies, ad exchanges, and the advertising companies all do benefit in a way, he insists.

This ad fraud takes so many forms, Sam adds, there is click fraud that occurs in paper click, there is click online ads and then there are fake websites with no content but have lots of traffic. All they do is use the same traffic for different ads. There is also ad tagging and stuffing where an ad is hidden behind a certain ad which the clients don’t see but see the video only but once they click, it reflects as an ad click.

In all these ad frauds, the ultimate loser is the ad buyer, concludes Sahm. Therefore it is high time that they work together with the activists to put all these frauds to an end. Otherwise, they will never really realize the economic value of online advertising.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management which was launched in 2009. Sahm’s highest achievement has been exposing the fraudulent Chinese companies and has since been keen on short seller activism

GreenSky Credit Opens New Avenues

GreenSky Credit is a leading financial technology company that helps connect customers with lenders. It gives customers a way to access funds to be used for home improvement projects. GreenSky Credit is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and it’s lead by David Zalik, CEO.

By dealing with local banks, merchants, and professionals, GreenSky Credit can reach a wide audience base around the country. Their success is due, in part, to the fact that today’s market consist of people who want convenience and mobility. Instead of requiring an individual to head out to the bank with a stack of papers in hand, much of the work can be done through a mobile device. Since today’s routines are governed by our phones, it makes sense that obtaining lines of credit for small projects can also be handled this way.

David Zalik has always been good with numbers. He skipped high school and went straight to Auburn University, starting his first business in his first year of college. This venture, MicroTech Information Systems, involved selling refurbished computers to fellow students and eventually to corporations. Zalik ended up dropping out of Auburn and going on to sell MicroTech, then later launching the Phoenix and Outweb companies. He found his way into the credit business in 2006, when he had a new idea to become a sort of hassle-free middleman.

Now, Zalik oversees an operation that allows people to instantaneously access credit so that funding home projects and medium-sized purchases can be made easier. GreenSky Credit speeds up the process so that customers can scan their driver’s licenses instead of typing in all of their information.

The whole process can take just a few minutes, so you can do all of this in the aisle of a Home Depot while shopping for materials for a new kitchen. What GreenSky Credit does primarily is to open up new options for everyday consumers. The credit that Zalik and GreenSky Credit can provide include loans up to $65,000.

Giving people options is what many businesses are all about, and GreenSky has certainly found a smart way to open up new pathways to making improvements.